Fair and flexible amenity passes
Built specifically for amenity management from the team behind Parking Boss
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Communities that care about an exceptional resident experience choose Amenity Boss

Resident Experience

Easy Reservations

Residents want to enjoy amenities on their terms. Amenity Boss makes reserving time for any amenity quick and easy right from a smartphone. No longer will residents be disappointed when they open the fitness center doors and discover all the treadmills are taken. Or when they head down to the game room with friends only to find out it’s already in use.

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Keep Residents Happy

Built-in fairness

Having worked with hundreds of apartments, condos, and HOAs for nearly a decade, we’ve learned that fairness is vital for maintaining a peaceful community. You can customize time limits so every resident knows they have the same access to amenities as each one of their neighbors.

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Data-driven decisions

Are your amenities performing the way you expect? Do you have any idea how much they get used? Are there revenue-generating opportunities to explore? Amenity Boss reporting features give you the specific data needed to make the right choices about running your community. Share the info with ownership so they can make informed decisions on capital expenses and future projects.

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Easy to Launch - Easier to Use

No infrastructure needed

Amenity Boss is built on the same battle-tested cloud platform as Parking Boss, using our industry-leading permit and rules engine that we’ve honed for almost a decade.

Rollout to your residents is completely digital and contact-free. Post our built-in notices (or custom signs designed by our professional design team) at the entrances to your amenities and start managing right away.

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See how it works »