The smart way to reopen your amenities
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from the Team Behind Parking Boss

Amenity Boss™ is smart software that gives you the power to open, manage, and track your amenities responsibly and fairly.

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Follow Healthy Guidelines

Social Distancing

Large gatherings are a new concern for multifamily living. Pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, dog parks, theaters, and other amenities frequently attract groups larger than the current recommendations. With Amenity Boss, you can set the maximum group size for each amenity.

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Keep Residents Happy

Built-in fairness

Having worked with hundreds of apartments, condos, and HOAs for nearly a decade, we’ve learned that fairness is vital for maintaining a peaceful community. You can customize time limits so every resident knows they have the same access to amenities as each one of their neighbors.

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Data-driven decisions

Are your amenities performing the way you expect? Do you have any idea how much they get used? Are there revenue-generating opportunities to explore? Amenity Boss reporting features give you the specific data needed to make informed decisions about running your community.

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Easy to Launch - Easier to Use

No infrastructure needed

Amenity Boss is built on the same battle-tested cloud platform as Parking Boss, using our industry-leading permit and rules engine that we’ve honed for almost a decade.

Rollout to your residents is completely digital and contact-free. Post our provided notices (or custom signs designed by our professional design team) at the entrances to your amenities and start managing right away.

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How it Works
Effective time-based amenity management
Smart Amenities

Set the Rules

Smart Amenities

Set the occupancy rules and time limits for your amenities. Add service or cleaning time blocks prohibiting residents from getting a pass during certain hours. If an amenity requires a rental fee—such as the clubhouse—Amenity Boss already has payment processing built-in.

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Notify Residents

Signs & window clings

We provide a PDF document that you can print and post immediately, allowing you to reopen your amenities right away. Our experienced design team will work with you to customize signs or window clings for a professional look that matches your brand.
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Amenity Signs
Amenity Passes


Amenity passes

Using the Amenity Pass App (, residents can quickly view your community amenities with live occupancy counts. It only takes seconds to get an electronic pass based on availability. The number of residents able to use an amenity at the same time is determined by management. You can also set time limits based on unit number.

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It takes a community

Your residents can help maintain accountability. Anyone can view on their own device how many passes are registered out of the maximum amount allowed for each amenity. As passes are issued, the numbers are updated and residents can see how many others should be using the amenity. Residents can voluntarily show their pass to the other residents, giving everyone confidence and peace of mind.

Of course, management also has the ability to quickly see how many passes are issued to each amenity and who they belong to, including the resident’s unit number.

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Live status at a glance

Display a dashboard view of current amenity use in your leasing office or common areas. Residents can quickly see if there’s space available for a swim, workout, and more.
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Amenity Signs